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Traci Lund

Divide County Public Library
Divide County Library
To be honest, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be a “librarian”.  I was going to be a hot shot in the corporate world living and working in a high-rise building in a metropolis.  Well, luckily enough, some dreams are not meant to come true. And what I didn’t know is this is my dream!  For the past ten years I have been the director of the Divide County Library in Crosby, ND.  It is a small library so I am not only the director I am also the: reference desk, teen librarian, Storytime reader, program developer, computer fixer, janitor…the list goes on and on.  Daily I am involved in the inter working’s of everything our library does, is, and has to offer.  On top of all of that I am a mom, wife, daughter, volunteer, friend, and more.  I am thankful every day for what I have and am one of the lucky ones that gets to call being a librarian my career.
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